Supporting inspired companies


We support company owners, entrepreneurs & founders in building purpose-driven companies finding alignment in the purpose, culture, structure, governance and capital of their company, to the benefit of all stakeholders

We aspire to support the companies that become the beacons for systems change.


A form of capitalism that serves the whole of society and the planet

Capitalism with its entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation has brought us incredible advancements in technology, productivity, and wealth creation which we should cherish and keep.

However, during the last 5 - 10 years, most of us have come to realise that the current form of capitalism also comes at a great cost to our planet and people: destroying precious ecosystems and causing climate change, and contributing to inequality, polarisation and large parts of our population feeling left behind and living in survival mode. As the Chinese proverb goes, "If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading."

It is clear that we do not want to end up where we are heading. With Breathe, we are supporting companies that want to innovate a path forward for capitalism. A form of capitalism that truly serves our people and planet for generations to come.


Our values inspire us and guide our actions. When faced with a difficult choice, we like to ask, “What is the compassionate, courageous and conscious thing to do in this situation?“


We are committed to bringing awareness to our surroundings and the consequences of our actions and our inaction. We try to be present and open in all our interactions to bring out the best in ourselves and others. Consciousness also stands for our continuous development as humans, as well as the continuous evolving nature of our organisations & civilisations.


Stands for our willingness to face hard truths. This courage is also represented in everyday conversations, actions and decisions. The courage to speak up when something does not feel right, admit something is not working, and bring awareness to our own thinking and beliefs. To take risks and allow for mistakes. To bring out the heart in any conversation and situation.


Stands for bringing consideration and understanding to the people we interact with and serve. Our actions and initiatives are motivated by the desire to alleviate suffering and create a more thriving and prosperous world for ourselves and everyone we impact, including future generations.

Our eco-system

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