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We offer a model that creates value for all stakeholders, at scale

An inspired company is one where the company purpose is supported by its structure, culture, governance and capital. Inspired companies recognise and reward contributions from all stakeholders involved.

Together, we are pathfinders in creating a more regenerative world

With company owners, experienced entrepreneurs & founders, we build purpose-driven companies that become recognised for their meaningful contributions and magnetic cultures. We aspire to build the companies that become the beacons for systems change.

Our aspiration is to create the world we want to live in and would be proud to hand over to our children

We focus on primary needs sectors, such as healthcare, housing, agriculture & energy and selectively work with organisations that can have an outsized impact on their industries

Our approach

The work we do in companies

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Aligning on Purpose

Align all people and processes in the organisation to manifest and realise their company’s purpose

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Aligning on Governance

Implement an alternative way of owning and governing companies to create maximum value for all stakeholders

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Aligning on Structure

Create systems and incentive structures enabling an organisation to deliver on purpose effectively

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Aligning on Culture

Foster a culture of trust and connection that invites people to take responsibility and develop entrepreneurship

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Aligning on Capital

Attract patient capital, allowing companies to operate with a time horizon that serves their purpose and the value creation process

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We seek to make the following impact on our chosen sectors

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We are purpose-driven entrepreneurs grounded in the reality of business

Our purpose

Building inspired companies