How can we help you build an iconic purpose-driven company?

The Approach

The intention behind every aspect of our approach comes from our purpose; build inspired companies

We help build purpose-driven companies through creating alignment on capital, governance, culture, structure and purpose.

We work with companies in two phases. We partner with entrepreneurs who are looking to scale their purpose-driven companies, and we work with owners looking to sell their company.

In either case, our intention is the same: building long-lasting iconic companies that become recognised for their meaningful contributions and magnetic cultures.

Looking for help to scale your purpose-driven company?

Handing over your life’s work - Selling your company?

Help scale your purpose-driven company

How we work

Your company has been around for some time, perhaps even many years, and now you want to scale and professionalise your company in a way that serves all stakeholders, not only yourself and/or your (potential) investors.

You are an experienced, purpose-driven entrepreneur with a big ambition. With Breathe involved as co-owner and co-entrepreneur, you can focus on building the business while we help your company become an exceptional and inspired organisation at scale. We intend to “Grow the Pie” for all stakeholders, including your stake as a founder or owner.

With Breathe as a co-entrepreneur, two people of the Breathe team typically work 1 or 2 days per week in your company and become part of your leadership team. We bring our vast experience, network and entrepreneurial energy. We honour and respect what you and your team have built and first listen to deeply understand what you have accomplished, what you aspire to and what your company needs for its next evolutionary stage. The work we do varies based on the company's needs at any given stage. For a concrete example, read our case study of Home.Earth.

For our work, we expect to receive a fair pro rato management fee based on the time we spend on your company, plus a fair share in the value (upside) we help create. When we say fair, we mean fair and not excessive. If and when our contribution to the purpose of your company decreases, so will our share in the upside.

Selling your company? Next best owner

How we work

You have built or currently own a great company and now you would like to pass it on to the best next owner

As a next best owner, Breathe provides an alternative to private equity based on different intentions, values and altogether a different approach. At Breathe, the purpose of the company comes first. We intend to build iconic companies that become recognised for their meaningful contributions and thriving cultures.

To that end, we are looking for companies that have the potential to scale and have an outsized impact on their industry as a whole.

We work together with aligned evergreen investors to acquire your company. In our case, Evergreen means that we do not intend to sell the company unless a transition of ownership would better serve the company's purpose.

If we buy your company, our approach would be similar to our approach when partnering with entrepreneurs to scale their organisations. We would start with honouring the founders and previous owners for the legacy they have built together with the people in the company.

In our orientation phase, together with yourself, we explore if and how you would like to remain involved to serve the company and your life journey best. Perhaps you would like to remain as a minority stakeholder or support the company's next phase in some other capacity.

The future we envision for your company is based on the same principles across industries. In alignment with Breathe's purpose, we align the company's purpose, structure, culture, governance and capital in service of all stakeholders. What that entails at a particular stage of the company's development will vary. Read more about our approach on our approach page.

Our approach

The work we do in companies

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Aligning on Purpose

Align all people and processes in the organisation to manifest and realise their company’s purpose

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Aligning on Governance

Implement an alternative way of owning and governing companies to create maximum value for all stakeholders

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Aligning on Structure

Create systems and incentive structures enabling an organisation to deliver on purpose effectively

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Aligning on Culture

Foster a culture of trust and connection that invites people to take responsibility and develop entrepreneurship

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Aligning on Capital

Attract patient capital, allowing companies to operate with a time horizon that serves their purpose and the value creation process

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