We build inspired companies in primary needs sectors

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We focus on primary needs sectors

These are the sectors we believe Breathe can have the most direct impact on the environment and society. We selectively work with companies where our approach can have an outsized impact.

Currently, we have partnered and invested in housing and healthcare.


We seek to make the following impact on our chosen sectors


Home.Earth was co-founded by Breathe and a group of real estate industry leaders and entrepreneurs with a clear vision to develop affordable, inclusive, sustainable housing at scale


VitaalBank provides Dutch citizens with a safe digital environment to store, access, and share their medical and vitality data

The Approach

The intention behind every aspect of our approach comes from our purpose; to build inspired companies.

We help build purpose-driven companies through creating alignment on capital, governance, culture, structure and purpose.

We work with companies in two phases. We work with entrepreneurs who are looking to scale their purpose-driven companies, and we work with owners looking to sell their company.